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The National Buckskin Society and Dilutes Inc. or NBS as it is commonly referred to, is the registering body in Victoria for the Buckskin and Dun coloured horses & ponies. The NBS now also have Sections B, C and D for the registration of many other dilute colours including Perlinos, Cremellos & Black Buckskins,  Champage, Pearl and  Silver. We also accept Broken Coloured, Roan, Grey and Spotted Dilutes. 

The NBS is affiliated with NSW, SA, WA & Tas Buckskin Societies/Associations, and all Society's registrations are transferrable, with each society offering reciprocal showing rights. This refers to NBS Section A horses only.

NBS registrations are done by a sight classification or photo classification by authorized classifiers.

The Society runs 3-4 Shows each year including a Spring Show in October , State Titles show in December, Classes at WPNEC Summer Horse show  in January and Classes at Barastoc Show in February. The Society also sponsors Buckskin Classes at many Agricultural Shows throughout Victoria.

A Merit Award system is available & there is an annual Highpoint Awards Competition catering for various equestrian activities & age groups.

We hope you find our website interesting & informative & please do not hesitate to contact any of the Committee members for further information or assistance.

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