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Performance Cards

The Society conducts an annual High Point competition. Awards are presented each year at the AGM and points are gained for placings at various shows/events over the 12 month period from July 1st to June 30th.

The Categories are:-

LED - Stallion, Mare, Senior Gelding, Colt, Filly, Junior Gelding, Yearling, 2yr old, 3yr old & SUPREME LED.
RIDDEN - Stallion, Mare & Gelding & SUPREME RIDDEN.
Harness, Costume & Open Show Competition.
High Point Performance Award is also provided for those who compete in equestrian activities other than showing.

There are also 3 sections for Youth Awards – JUNIOR, 12yrs & under, INTERMEDIATE, 13 to 16yrs & SENIOR, 17 to 21yrs.

As well as the above awards the Society also has Merit Awards where points are accumulated each year. These are Roll of Merit, Bronze Award, Silver Award, Gold Award & the much coveted Diamond Award.

Further information can be found by -

  • downloading the PC Rules and Info file on the right side of this page,

  • contacting the Performance Card Secretary ( or

  • downloading the Application Form file on right side of your screen.


Roll of Merit Awards 2017

Certificate of Merit

Led Section A 


Blazing Star

Guy Fawkes Dashka


Tabayne Centurian


Ridden Section A –

Blazing Star

Guy Fawkes Dashka

Kananook Gold Mine


Open Section A –

Fenwick Kindle

Guy Fawkes Dashka


Performance Section A –

Lincott Butterscotch                                   


Led Section B –

Woranora  Nyree


Open Section B –

Woranora  Nyree


Led Section C –

Dulkara Ace of Spades


Open Section C –

Jestames Galaxy


Open Section C –

Tabayne Luna Eclipse




Roll of Merit Awards (continued)

Bronze Award


Ridden Section A –

Blazing Star

Guy Fawkes Dashka


Open Section A –                                     

Guy Fawkes Dashka

Stepdon Park Pocket                                 

Tabayne Centurian

Torrieburn Lara


Led Section B –

Woranora  Nyree


Open Section B –

Woranora  Nyree


Open Section C

Jestames Galaxy


Silver Award


Led Section A –

Fenwick Kindle


Open Section A –                             

Guy Fawkes Dashka

Woranora Jasper


Performance Section A –

Brosha Park Ferrero                                


Open Section B –                             

Fairlight Acres Aleanna                           


Gold Award                                   


Led Section A –                                

Mahogany Park Destiny                          

Tallawarra Park Showtime                        

Uhavta Royal Juliette


Ridden Section A –

 Torrieburn Lara


Performance Card Information
High Point Awards 2017

Section A

Hi Point Yearling                                Tabayne Centurion


Hi Point 3yo                                       Fenwick Kindle

Reserve 3yo                                      Wyann Hopscotch


Hi Point Led Stallion                           McInnesdene

Reserve Led Stallion                          Stepdon Park Pocket


Hi Point Led Mare                              Torrieburn Lara

Reserve Led Mare                             Fairlight Acres Golden Girl


Hi Point Led Gelding                         Woranora Jasper

Reserve Led Gelding                        Tallawarra Park Showtime


Hi Point Colt                                      Fenwick Kindle


Hi Point Filly                                      Wyann Hopscotch


Hi Point Junior Gelding                     Tabayne Centurion


Hi Point Ridden Mare                       Torrieburn Lara

Reserve Ridden Mare                       Guy Fawkes Dashka


Hi Point Ridden Gelding                   Blackwood Firefox

Reserve Ridden Gelding                  Brosha Park Ferrero


Hi Point Costume                             Torrieburn Lara

Reserve Costume                            Tara Park Penny Royal


Mike Hirchfield 1 st Year Buckskin   Guy Fawkes Dashka


Hi Point 10.2hh & Under                  Torrieburn Lara

Reserve 10.2hh & under                  Fenwick Kindle


Hi Point Open                                  Lincott Butterscotch

Reserve Open                                 Guy Fawkes Dashka


Hi Point Junior Youth                       Gracie Humphreys

Reserve Junior Youth                       Emma Grave


Hi Point Intermediate Youth             Stephanie Horton


Hi Point Senior Youth                      Chloe Beckwith

Reserve Senior Youth                     Chloe Cope


Hi Point Performance                      Brosha Park Ferrero

Reserve Performance                     Croft Cnoc Chloe


Supreme Led                Torrieburn Lara


Supreme Ridden          Torrieburn Lara


Hi Point Led NBS shows               Woranora Jasper


Hi Point Ridden NBS shows         Blazing Star


Performance Card Secretary Award


Encouragement Award               



Section B

Sect B Hi Point Led                         Woranora Nyree

Sect B Reserve Led                        Glenkery Arctic Louie


Sect B Hi Point Ridden                    Glenkery Arctic Louie

Sect B Reserve Ridden                   Tabayne Whitre Knight


Sect B Hi Point Open                      Woranora Nyree

Sect B Reserve Open                     Fairlight Acres Aleanna


Sect B Hi Point Performance          Glenkery Arctic Louie


Sec B Hi Point Youth                       Chloe Beckwith

Sec B Reserve Youth                      Emma Grave



Section C

Sect C Hi Point Led                         Dulkara Ace of Spades

Sect C Reserve Led                        Tabayne Lunar Eclipse


Sect C Hi Point Ridden                    Jestames Galaxy

Sect C Reserve Ridden                   Tabayne Lunar Eclipse


Sect C Hi Point Open                      Tabayne Lunar Eclipse

Sect C Reserve Open                      Nilton Toucan


Sect C Hi Point Harness                  Jestames Galaxy


Sec C Hi Point Youth                        Chloe Handley



High Point Open Section C Harness Jestames Galaxy

Perpetual Trophies 2017

Southern Lady                                Torrieburn Lara


Golden Meadow Quatro                 Woranora Jasper


Hi Point Colt                                    Fenwick Kindle


Hi Point Filly                                    Wyann Hopscotch


Hi Point Junior Gelding                   Tabayne Centurion


Nina Memorial                                Torrieburn Lara


Jazzman Memorial                         Blackwood Firefox


Barrymoor Dorian Memorial           Torrieburn Lara


Shannon Memorial                         Torrieburn Lara


Cambooya Talisman Memorial      Lincott Butterscotch


Junior Youth                                    Gracie Humphreys


Intermediate Youth                         Stephanie Horton


Senior Youth                                   Chloe Beckwith


Hi Jinx                                             Brosha Park Ferrero


Coldstream Trophy                         Torrieburn Lara


Restdown Champagne Shogun     Torrieburn Lara


Duranbah Most Successful            Woranora Jasper                                                       


Majestic Park Most Successful      Blazing Star






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