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Membership Information


NOTE: Fee for NEW MEMBERSHIP for 2023/24 is $60, PLUS the Compulsory AFFILIATION Fee of $10/member.

The National Buckskin Society Inc (NBS) offers membership in Single, Joint (2 people) & Multiple (not more than four people) Names, as well as Associate (under 18 years) membership.

Single, Joint & Multiple membership entitles a member to vote on NBS issues and can own, register, transfer, lease and show Buckskin horses or ponies and receive the quarterly News Letter.  Each of these memberships entitles a member to one vote at the AGM. This is further explained in our Society's Rules.

An Associate member is a member under the age of 18 years and has no voting rights, but they have the same rights as a normal member – i.e. they can own, register, transfer, lease and show Buckskin horses or ponies and receive the quarterly News Letter.

An Affiliate member is any person that has an affiliation with an existing (or NEW) NBS Inc. membership - e.g. a child, family member or assistant etc.  An Affiliate member must not vote, nor are they eligible to own, transfer or lease a horse registered with the NBS Inc., however they can handle, lead, ride or drive such a horse.  Affiliate members are included on the NBS Inc. membership form and pay a nominal fee to cover the Affiliation/Insurance payment mentioned below.

Membership runs from 1st July to 30th June of the following year and there are penalties for late payment (after 31st July).


There have been some changes to the arrangements regarding Membership and Insurance for the NBS, which took effect for all Memberships for the 2016/17 year and onwards.  The Affiliation/Insurance payment is compulsory for all members and is now separated from the Membership Fee, but will be paid at the same time.

The NBS is affiliated with the Arabian Horse Society of Australia (AHSA) as an AHSA Affiliate Organisation, with its members being ‘Affiliate Organisation Members’.  This allows the NBS (the Affiliate Organisation) and its members to participate in the AHSA Insurance scheme, which provides insurance of the NBS (as a Society) and also provides Liability Insurance cover in approved activities organised and/or run by the NBS for all members.

The NBS pays a compulsory Affiliation Fee for all of its Members (and that includes NBS Affiliate Members) to the AHSA and this includes the insurance cover.

There is an AHSA document ‘Release and Waiver of Liability’ form, that is added as a second page to the Membership Application form and is to be completed and returned with your membership form.  If you need an additional (and separate) copy of that form, one can be downloaded from the Forms page of the NBS website.

Fees for 2023/24 (effective from 1st July 2022) 


New Membership - Single, Joint or Multiple


Pro-rata New Membership (from 1st Feb 2024)


New Associate Membership (under 18 years)


Membership Renewal (for existing members) Single, Joint or Multiple & Associate



Renewal Late Fee (after 31st July)



All NBS Members (including Affiliate Members) MUST pay the Affiliation/Insurance Fee (see below)



Affiliation/Insurance Fee (compulsory for each member)




Membership Application
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