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Tuesday, 2 June 2020                

Current Fees

Current Fee Scale (effective from 1/07/2019)

Membership Fees

NOTEIn addition to the Fees for Membership, an 'Affiliation/Insurance Fee' of $10 is COMPULSORY for each member of the Society - as shown below -

New Single Membership


New Joint Membership


New Pro-rata Membership (from 1st February 2020)


New Associate Membership (for under 18 years)


Single Membership Renewal


Joint  Membership Renewal


Renewal Late Fee (after 31st July) 


Affiliation/Insurance Fee (compulsory for each member)


Fee for incorrect paperwork $5
Registration Fees
Foal Recording $20  
Stallions $65 $50 (if already Foal Recorded) 
Mares $35 $20 (if already Foal Recorded) 
Geldings $30 $15 (if already Foal Recorded) 
Classification Fee - single horse
           - extra horses at same time
Photo Classification Fee
$10 / horse
$15 / horse
Brand Registration $15  
Stud Prefix Registration $15  
Transfer/Lease $20  
Change of owner on certificate $15  
Duplicate certificate $20  
Fee for incorrect paperwork $10


(The NBS is committed to processing the classification, registration and transfer/leasing of eligible horses, if all of the required information is provided to the Society, within three (3) weeks of receiving the completed application.
If a member requires the classification, registration or transfer/lease within a shorter time frame than the three weeks mentioned above, every endeavour to achieve this will be made, however a Priority Processing Fee will be imposed, which is in addition to the standard fees applicable to the application.  It should be noted that if a DNA test is required to complete the registration process, then the process may take longer.
The current Priority Processing Fee is $30 and will be payable prior to the application process being completed.)

Foal Futurity
    Late Fee
Foal Nomination $5 $10 
Yearling Nomination                     $10 $15


Performance Cards
Performance Cards                                               


Newsletter Adverltising (includes advertisement on NBS website)
Advertisement is displayed for approx. 3 months, or until sold

Full Page $20
3 Quarter Page      $15
 Half Page $10
Quarter Page $5

 (Please double all rates for non-members)


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